Becoming proficient in a new language can open up many doors in future travel and career choices! As an incoming 9th grader,
you have the opportunity to begin learning a new language at Roseburg High School, to continue the study of that language for
four years, and to earn college credit for the language in your fourth year.

Here are some FAQ’s to help you decide if you are ready to enroll in a beginning level German or Spanish class at RHS:

Do I have to take a language to graduate from high school?

There is no current language requirement for a high school diploma, but a language counts towards the three credits of
foreign language/art/career and technical electives needed for a 2012 high school diploma. A minimum of two years
high school language IS required for entrance into a four-year university
. Many state and private universities recommend
three years or more of a language.

What will help me to be successful in a language class?

Students experience success in our classes if they are:

  • At or above grade level in reading.
  • Self-directed learners with good homework habits.
  • Able to work with a variety of partners each day.
  • Positive class participants who are willing to try to speak the language every day and play an active part in roleplay situations and skits.
  • Students with excellent attendance.
  • Students with strong listening skills and the ability to memorize.