Staff AUP

Roseburg School District Technology Access
Staff Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Internet access in the district supports and enhances learning and teaching.


Staff who have completed the following will be issued a school Internet account:

  1. Attended AUP training.
  2. Reviewed Staff AUP.
  3. Submitted a signed AUP agreement form.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Staff who wish to have their students use the Internet:

  1. Must be sure that they are supervised.
  2. May only permit qualified student users to have access. Do not login for students who do not have an account.
  3. Will take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized student use.
  4. Notify building technology staff or appropriate administrator if a student violates the AUP.

User Responsibilities

Roseburg School District facilities and equipment are to be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner. Acceptable uses of the network are activities that support learning and teaching.

Staff are expected to be good citizens of the network:

  • Log on to your own account to use the Internet.
  • Log off the network when unable to supervise student use of your computer.
  • Shut down computers at the end of the day.
  • Notify building or district technology staff if you encounter inappropriate materials or sites.
  • Report any security problems immediately.
  • Keep passwords private.
  • Take all reasonable precautions to protect access to your account.
  • Be aware of potential viruses (keep virus definitions updated).
  • Practice printing conservation.
  • Protect the privacy of staff and students.
  • Observe copyright guidelines.
  • Follow all district policies and local, state, and federal laws.
  • Avoid unnecessary system traffic (i.e. real-time chat, online radio or streaming video).
  • Only use high bandwidth educational applications approved by the building administrator or designee.

Unacceptable Use of Technology:

  • Accessing or viewing obscene, profane or objectionable materials or sites
  • Accessing sites that promote any illegal activity
  • Using the network for financial gain (i.e. auctions, eBay or gambling)
  • Accessing recreational sites (i.e. games or chat sites)
  • Personal use during scheduled work time.
  • Excessive personal surfing.
  • Changing network and security settings on school computers.
  • Loading software without authorization.
  • Downloading music or movies for personal use (no illegal downloads).
  • Using district Internet access in lieu of a personal Internet account.
  • Trespassing in folders or files other than your own.
  • Engaging in practices (opening non-requested or suspicious attachments) that threaten the network
  • Leaving teacher programs accessible to others

Roseburg School District Email Access

Email is the District’s most effective method of communication. All staff are entitled to email accounts so that they may communicate with both school and district employees. All of the above technology policies apply to the use of email.

User Responsibilities:

  • Check email daily and delete unwanted items (i.e. sent, calendar and notes).
  • Stay within email space limits on the server.
  • Honor the rights to privacy of other network users.
  • Subscribe only to mailing lists that are relevant to professional development.
  • Unsubscribe to mailing lists before vacations or other extended absences from school.
  • Messages sent to “Everyone” should be used sparingly for school related purposes.
  • Follow standard online etiquette.

Unacceptable Uses of Email:

  • Sending or sharing confidential or inappropriate information about students or staff.
  • Sending or sharing communications of a personal, political or religious nature.
  • Sending or sharing offensive messages or pictures.
  • Using obscene language.
  • Insulting or harassing others.
  • Conducting personal business.
  • Using district email in lieu of a personal email account.
  • Forwarding communications without the original sender’s consent.
  • Posting chain letters or frivolous messages.

Users should not expect that files stored on district servers will be private. Network administrators may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and to ensure that staff members are using the system responsibly. Also, remember that all electronic communications in a school are public domain and therefore could be accessed by anyone.

The Roseburg School District has attempted to provide a safe network environment. Staff are advised that using the district’s system might provide access to information that contains inaccurate or objectionable material. Accessing information on the Internet is ultimately the responsibility of the user. The district does not condone the use of obscene or other objectionable materials. Such materials are prohibited in the school environment.

Users must acknowledge their understanding of this policy by submitting a signed staff AUP form. Failure to adhere to this policy and its regulations may result in suspension or cancellation of user privileges and may result in disciplinary action up to dismissal. District Due Process procedures will apply.